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How To Use CBD


The first step is to select a delivery method that will work best for your medical condition and / or symptom. If you are new to CBD, tincture form is a fantastic way to start, as you can better customize the dose to fit your individual needs. For direct relief, drops of CBD oil can be placed under the tongue. This makes tincture form an excellent option for symptoms like anxiety that may come on suddenly because the oil goes right into your bloodstream and acts quickly. Topical applications can be used to help alleviate symptoms caused by medical conditions of the skin, like eczema, hives, and psoriasis, or to help alleviate certain types of pain. If you experience localized pain, for example, on your neck, lower back, or knees, topical treatment can be helpful. Your skin is your largest organ. 60% of what you apply topically is absorbed into your body. For chronic pain capsules can be an excellent option. Capsules work as a more sustained release to help provide relief longer.

Last, but not least, CBD can also be experienced in the form of an edible, like Gummies. Be cautions, not all Gummies are created equal. Make sure to check for ingredients like glucose syrup, that is often derived from wheat, or corn syrup. Both of these ingredients cause inflammation in the body. Also watch out for artificial flavors and food dyes like yellow #5, red #40, and blue #1. All three of these food dyes are known to cause chromosomal damage, hyperactivity, lymphomas, allergies, aggression, etc. Instead look for CBD Gummies that source their colors from organic fruit juice. Remember that some delivery methods can work very well for certain medical conditions / symptoms and not so well for others. For example, the external use of CBD in a topical form would not help to relieve anxiety, and the internal use of CBD in the form of an edible may not be the best option for a skin condition. 


Our bodies are all unique and hence respond differently! There is no “one size fits all” for the right CBD dose, or supplement or medication for that matter. Start with a small dose and gradually increase the dose until the desired results are achieved. For example, in a 1oz 500MG bottle, 1 dropper equals 20MG of CBD. So you could start with a 1/2 dropper to equal 10MG or even a 1/4 dropper to equal 5MG. Take a few small doses over the course of the day rather than one big dose. Use the same dose for a few days. Observe the effects and if necessary adjust the amount. “CBD has no known adverse side effects, but an excessive amount of CBD could be less effective therapeutically than a moderate dose (Project CBD, 2019, p. 7)." “Less is more” is often the case with respect to CBD therapy. 


Multiple factors play a role in determining how often to take CBD, such as how well the CBD is absorbed and how quickly the CBD is metabolized. We all have a unique biochemistry, which means some people need more frequent doses, while others need longer intervals between doses. This is also dependent on the condition being treated. Some people experience symptoms episodically and hence need longer intervals between doses. While others experience symptoms on a consistent basis and need to take CBD more frequently with shorter intervals between doses. For example, people that experience migraines, the interval of doses depends on the frequency and duration of migraines the person has over a set period of time. 


You are your own best doctor! 

To help find the “sweet spot” and the CBD dose that is best for you, one of the most important tools to use is a journal to write down and track the time, dose taken, and the effect on your symptoms. This information will help you tailor and key in on the dose that is best suited for you to attain the desired results. 

Strength of CBD Product:
Symptoms Prior to Using CBD Product:
Date and Time
Amount Taken 
Effect on Symptoms



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