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I was inspired to create Root To Vitality here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to help educate people on all the incredible healing benefits of Full Spectrum CBD. My passion to help others began with my own search for vitality! 

At age 7 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and automatically prescribed T4 medication. Little did I know this was only the beginning of my journey to find vitality! My health really started to spiral downward during my college years after I was prescribed the antibiotic Augmentin twice, for a total of 20 days. At the time I confided in the doctors’ decisions and did not ever think to question their expertise. This prescription completely destroyed my gut, triggered gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, compromised my immune system and caused a whole host of other issues including parasites, candida overgrowth, and extreme malnourishment. 

Since then, I have overcome Lyme disease and a Thyroid Storm that left me bedridden with an endless list of debilitating symptoms including severe chronic fatigue. After years of endless doctor appointments with dermatologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, you name it, with little to no improvements, I finally realized no doctor would be able to heal me.¬†This is when I took healing into my own hands and discovered the ‚Äúalternative‚ÄĚ world of healing: the power of plant remedies and food as medicine. Unfortunately, conventional doctors often recommend synthetic medications that come with an endless list of potential side effects and mask symptoms rather than treat the root cause, which eventually leads you to become more and more sick. My biggest piece of advice is to ask questions and listen to your body! YOU are your own best doctor.

On my wellness journey I eventually learned about the remarkable physical and mental benefits of Full Spectrum CBD after coming across a documentary! Full Spectrum CBD has since become an important part of my health evolution revolution. I always say there is no magic pill, but CBD is a great place to start. In addition, after lots of research and trial-and-error, I committed myself to inputting only the purest ingredients possible into my body (whether in the form of supplements, food, or beauty products). My environmental consciousness has simultaneously grown stronger as I strive to buy items with recyclable / environmentally safe packaging. 

My commitment to my health and the health of the environment go hand in hand with each other. Did you know supplements packaged in plastic bottles can absorb toxins, some of which are known endocrine disruptors? Thus, plastic does not only pollute our environment, but can also expose us to harmful toxins that are hazardous to our health. I have always enjoyed educating people on various health topics and experiences I have gained over the years, and that I am still gaining today! I am so grateful Root To Vitality has given me a beautiful platform in which to do that.  

The mental hardships I have¬†experienced have been just as difficult as the physical ones. Throughout the course of my journey my¬†‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ appearance never¬†indicated my wellness struggles. This would often leave people quick to judge. Even today my use of alternative healing methods, including CBD, has caused some backlash as this plant remedy varies from conventional¬†medical norms. If you feel like traditional medicine is preventing your body from truly healing... I want you to know that you are not alone! I BELIEVE you and believe in you! I am eternally grateful for my mom, who is truly an angel on earth and never once gave up on me. To those that currently do not have a support system, know¬†that Root To¬†Vitality is here for you every step of the way whether that be for moral support or wellness guidance.¬†

Even at times where you feel stuck and stagnant, I assure you that healing is still happening on a deeper level. We did not enter our current situation overnight; therefore, we cannot expect immediate¬†results. Be kind to yourself and patient during this process, as your body loves and fights for you daily!¬†And always remember - sometimes the most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations¬†ūüíó