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1200MG CBD : 400MG CBG Full Spectrum Unflavored Hemp Extract

1200MG CBD : 400MG CBG Full Spectrum Unflavored Hemp Extract

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Versatile Vitality! Enjoy during the day or night.

Discover the power of our multi-purpose tincture, crafted to elevate your wellness journey! Harnessing the synergy of 1200MG CBD and 400MG CBG, our concentrated formula offers versatile relief. Take internally to help alleviate daily strains and stresses or apply topically to soothe irritated skin.

If you are looking to enhance the effectiveness of your current CBD regimen, look no further! Named the “mother of all cannabinoids” CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, is the cannabinoid from which other cannabinoids, including CBD and CBC are derived. Similarly to other cannabinoids, CBG has the potential to help with an array of ailments. For best results, administer the drops directly under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Some of the remedy will be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream through the capillaries in your mouth, leading to faster relief, while the remainder will be digested and provide a delayed effect. Join us in embracing the power of nature's remedies and experience the difference today! 

The Endocannabinoid System And The Magnificent You 
Our bodies strive for equilibrium through the production of "Endo"-cannabinoids. Sometimes deficiencies can occur due to stress, environmental factors, and certain health conditions. Scientists believe by supplementing our bodies with naturally occurring cannabinoids from plants like hemp, called “Phyto”-cannabinoids, we can correct this deficiency and help to restore balance.

  • Ease Discomfort 
  • Calm Nervousness
  • Digestive Support
  • May Foster Restful Sleep
  • Promotes Internal Balance
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Cognitive Support
  • Soothes Skin 

Full Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate 
Full Spectrum CBD is an extract that contains compounds found in the hemp plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and THC (kept below 0.3% to prevent psychoactive effects). These diverse compounds collaborate synergistically, amplifying therapeutic effects, commonly known as the "entourage effect".

In contrast, CBD Isolate consists solely of CBD, containing 0% THC and lacking other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids—hence its name. For those seeking to maximize CBD benefits, Full Spectrum is the optimal choice.

At Root To Vitality Botanicals, our product line exclusively features Full Spectrum CBD. However, it's important to note that while our products adhere to legal THC limits of 0.3% or less, consumption may result in a positive drug test.

The Many Ways To Use Drops
Root To Vitality Botanicals drops are versatile. 
  • Take sublingually for fast-acting effects 
  • Calibrated dropper to customize your unique dose
  • Discreet and easy to use on-the-go
  • Add to your favorite smoothie or recipe
  • Apply to skin for localized relief
  • Massage on scalp before bed to help nourish hair follicles
  • Whole body relief for ailments both inside and out

Dose Calculations
Our bodies are all unique, which means responses to Full Spectrum CBD supplementation can vary. There's no universal approach! To begin, try a small dose, typically around 10mg and incrementally increase until reaching the desired effects. On average, individuals consume Full Spectrum CBD 1 to 3 times daily, tailoring the dosage to their specific requirements.

Ingredients & Packaging With A Purpose
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Full Spectrum
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Vermont Made

  • Organic Full Spectrum CBD | CBG Hemp Extract - Non-intoxicating cannabinoids found in hemp. These incredible compounds communicate and support our body’s natural Endocannabinoid System. Our Endocannabinoid System can help to regulate our moods, modulate pain perception, regulate sleep patterns and immune responses to name a few.
  • Organic Coconut MCT Oil - A virtually colorless, odorless, and rapidly digested carrier oil. 

Amount Per Serving
  • Serving Size 1 dropper (1 ml) = 40MG CBD and 13MG CBG 
  • 30 servings per bottle
  • Bottle size 1 fl oz. 
  • Contains a total of 1200MG CBD and 400MG CBG per bottle
*The droppers are calibrated to help ensure consistent dosing. This allows you to easily customize your dose to fit your unique needs. 

Instructions For Use
Shake well. Use as a dietary supplement. Administer 1 - 3 times per day or as needed. 

In order to preserve freshness, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 


This product is also great and safe for pets! 

How To Calculate The Best Dose For Your Pet
The general dosage recommendation is as follow:

Regular Dose = Body Weight X 0.25mg of CBD
For example, if your dog weighs 60 lbs, the recommended dose of CBD is about 15mg (60 lb x 0.25mg = 15mg). 

Strong Dose = Body Weight X 0.50mg of CBD 
If a stronger dose is needed, administer your dog 0.50mg for every 1 lb of weight. For the same dog, a strong dose would be about 30mg of CBD (60 lb x 0.50mg = 30mg). 

*The proper dose of CBD can depend on various factors including your pet’s size, how they metabolize supplements, and their particular condition. Regardless of the calculated dose, we always recommend starting with a low dose and slowly titrating up to the calculated dose, as each pet metabolizes supplements differently and may not require as high of a dose. 
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