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300MG Full Spectrum CBD Pet Extract with Sustainable Omega-3 & Organic Chamomile

300MG Full Spectrum CBD Pet Extract with Sustainable Omega-3 & Organic Chamomile

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Despite their furry, four legged appearance ūüźĺūüźĺ our pets have a lot in common with us as humans, on both a physical and mental level.¬†

Our pet remedy contains a synergistic blend of Full Spectrum CBD combined with sustainably sourced Omega-3 and Organic Chamomile. Research now shows that essential fatty acids can naturally help the endocannabinoid system function optimally and enhance the effectiveness of CBD. Omega-3 and CBD have both been shown to support bone and joint health for our furry friends. Although CBD is faster acting, Omega-3 can work with CBD to have long lasting effects. In addition, we formulated our pet remedy to include Organic Chamomile! Chamomile and CBD are both very gentle herbs that have been shown to calm nervousness, decrease inflammation, and support our pets digestive system. This new combination of herbs will work synergistically to provide more support than what CBD alone can offer.

Why plant based Omega-3? 
Root To Vitality is on a mission to source ingredients that support both our pets and the planet. In 2021, the company we source our ocean-friendly Omega-3 from, produced enough Omega-3 DHA from algae to keep an estimated 2.3 billion fish in the ocean. That is enough fish to feed a humpback whale for 70 years. Hooray for fish free algae!!

We highly recommended watching the documentary called¬†‚ÄúThe Fight To Save Wild Salmon‚ÄĚ -¬†¬†

The Endocannabinoid System And Our Furry Friends  
Did you know almost all animals, including dogs and cats, have an Endocannabinoid¬†System (ECS) just like us?¬†‚ÄúThe ECS is perhaps the most important¬†physiologic system involved in establishing and¬†maintaining¬†human health.‚ÄĚ - Dr. Sulak¬†

While pets bodies naturally maintain balance through the production of¬†‚ÄúEndo‚ÄĚ-cannabinoids, a deficiency in these cannabinoids can sometimes occur.¬†Scientists believe by¬†supplementing our pets with naturally¬†occurring cannabinoids from plants like hemp, called¬†‚ÄúPhyto‚ÄĚ-cannabinoids, we can correct this deficiency,¬†relieve ailments, and restore balance to their bodies.

Supports Wellness
  • Calm Nervousness
  • Ease Discomfort
  • Boost Mobility
  • Separation & Noise Phobia
  • Digestive Support
  • Promote Internal Balance
  • Aging Wellness
  • ‚Ķ¬†And More!¬†
Full Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

Full Spectrum CBD is an extract that contains all natural¬†compounds found in the hemp plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and THC (up to 0.3% to avoid psychoactive effects). All these compounds in Full Spectrum CBD work synergistically to help¬†increase therapeutic benefits. This is commonly¬†referred to as the¬†‚Äúentourage effect‚ÄĚ.¬†

On the other hand, CBD Isolate contains 0% THC and no other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids except for CBD (hence the name CBD Isolate). For pet parents looking to maximize the benefits of CBD for their furry friends, Full Spectrum is the best option. 

*Here at Root To Vitality our complete line of products are all made with Full Spectrum CBD. Please be aware while our products only contain the legal amount of 0.3% or less THC this can cause a consumer to fail a drug test. 

Administration Methods
  1. For quickest absorption, administer our pet remedy directly on your pet’s gum-line 30 minutes away from a full meal. This method gives CBD a direct pathway to the bloodstream. 

  2. Root To Vitality’s pet remedy can also be mixed within your pets breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This method allows the plant extracts to be absorbed through your pet’s digestive track opposed to their bloodstream. Absorption takes a little bit longer with this method, but ultimately has the same benefits. 

Dosing Recommendations
Administer 1/2 dropper for pets under 25lbs, 1 dropper 25-50lbs, 1 1/2 droppers 50-75lbs, 2 droppers 75-100lbs. 

*Regardless of the calculated dose, we always recommend starting with a low dose and slowly titrating up until your pet’s unique sweet spot is found, as each pet metabolizes supplements differently and may not require as high of a dose. 

Ingredients Matter
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Ocean Friendly
  • Planet Safe
  • Gluten Free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Recyclable
  • Made In Vermont¬†
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Formulated With Human Grade Ingredients Because Pets Are Apart Of Our Family 

Serving Size 1 drooper (1ml)
Servings Per Container 30 
Active Ingredients:
  • Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract ... 10mg
  • Omega-3 Micro-Algae¬†‚Ķ¬†10mg
  • Organic Chamomile¬†‚Ķ¬†5mg
Inactive Ingredients: Organic Coconut MCT Oil 
Bottle size 1 fl oz. Contains a total of 300MG of Full Spectrum CBD per bottle. 

*Our droppers are calibrated, which means there are measurements on the dropper to ensure easy and consistent dosing. This allows pet parents to easily customize their pets own unique dose. 

Instructions For Use
Use as a dietary supplement. Administer 1 - 3 times per day or as needed. 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

View Third Party Certificate Of Analysis.

To learn more more tips on how to enhance the effectiveness of CBD for your pet Click Here. 


Additional Remedy Options For Pets  

Our products are formulated with 100% pure and simple ingredients; therefore, a lot of our products are safe for both humans and pets. 

1200MG CBD : 400MG CBG Full Spectrum Unflavored Extract ((green label)) - Formulated with 2 simple ingredients, organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract (that includes both CBD and CBG) and organic coconut MCT oil. This remedy is a multi-purpose product, and fantastic for both humans and animals. Apply topically to soothe irritated skin or take internally to help alleviate daily strains and stresses. This high potency product is a great option for animals that may require a higher dose of CBD due to their larger body mass, metabolism, or particular condition. 

25MG Full Spectrum Organic CBD Capsules ((blue label)) - Vegan and formulated with organic coconut flour! Open the two-piece capsule and sprinkle on top of your pets breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Can also be left whole and wrapped up in a treat to administer. 

How To Calculate Your Pets Dose For The Products Above
The general dosage recommendation is as follow:

Regular Dose = Body Weight X 0.25mg of CBD

For example, if your dog weighs 60 lbs, the recommended dose of CBD is about 15mg (60 lb x 0.25mg = 15mg). 

If a stronger dose is needed, administer your dog 0.50mg for every 1 lb of weight. For the same dog, a strong dose would be about 30mg of CBD (60 lb x 0.50mg = 30mg). 

Strong Dose = Body Weight X 0.50mg of CBD 

The proper dose of CBD can depend on various factors including your pet’s size, how they metabolize supplements, and their particular condition.  

*Regardless of the calculated dose, we always recommend starting with a low dose and slowly titrating up to the calculated dose, as each pet metabolizes supplements differently and may not require as high of a dose. 
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